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Rent v/s Buy

Could renting be better than buying a house? Predicting the best housing choice for you.


Your monthly investments can make you a Crorepati, let's see how long it shall take.

EMI Calculator

Need a new car, a house, or a foreign MBA?
Calculate your EMI and start planning.

Goal Calculator

Calculate how your financial goal’s value changes over time due to inflation and plan for it.

SIP Calculator

Check how your Systematic Investments can contribute to your long term financial goals.

FD Calculator

Know how you can maximise your Fixed Deposit returns by choosing different tenures of investment.

National Pension Scheme Calculator

Check how your tax-saving National Pension Scheme investment can contribute to your retirement requirement.

Life insurance Calculator

Ensure that your loved ones will have the necessary financial support in case of an unexpected tragedy.

Inflation Calculator

Understand how the rising cost of goods and services affects the real value of your money or investments.

Budget Calculator

Set your financial goals, allocate funds to your needs, wants and savings, and monitor your spending to stay disciplined