Crorepati Calculator

Just enter your current savings, investment plans, and expected returns, and let it calculate
the path to your first crore!

Monthly SIP investment
required to become Crorepati

₹ 500
₹ 1 Lac

Principal Amount

Expected Amount

₹ 1,00,00,000

Returns Summary

Graph View

Invested Amount
Expected Returns
* The above calculation and illustration of figures are indicative
only and not on actual basis.
* Avg. historical return in Equity Mutual Fund is 10%

What is a crorepati calculator?

A crorepati calculator is a specialised financial tool designed to assist individuals in determining the time it will take to accumulate a significant amount of wealth, typically one crore rupees.

To summarise:

  • A crorepati calculator is a financial planning tool that focuses on helping individuals set a specific financial goal, namely accumulating one crore of their local currency.

  • It aids in estimating the time required to reach this financial milestone through systematic savings and investment.

  • The term "crorepati" is often used to celebrate financial success in many cultures, making this calculator a popular choice for those aiming to achieve this status.

Why use a Crorepati calculator?

  • Goal Setting: One of the primary reasons to use a crorepati calculator is to set a clear and motivating financial goal. The prospect of becoming a crorepati can be a powerful incentive for saving and investing.

  • Financial Planning: This calculator serves as an integral part of financial planning. It allows users to develop a structured plan for achieving their crorepati goal.

  • Realistic Expectations: By using the calculator, individuals can gain a realistic estimate of how long it may take to accumulate one crore. This information helps in managing expectations and planning their financial future accordingly.

How does this calculator work?

  • Input Data: Input Data: Users provide only one piece of information - their monthly investment amount and the expected rate of return or gains on their investment is assumed at a historical return percentage of 10% p.a.

  • Calculation: The calculator employs the input and assumption to perform a compound interest calculation. It determines how much the investment grows each month, considering the additional monthly contributions and compounded returns.

  • Time Estimate: Using the computed growth and contribution rate, the calculator provides an estimate of the time it will take for the individual's total savings to reach one crore based on their specified investment and return rate.

  • Results: Users receive a clear timeframe within which they can reasonably expect to become a crorepati based on their savings and investment strategy.

In essence, the crorepati calculator is a valuable tool for financial empowerment. It encourages disciplined saving and investing by offering individuals insights into their financial journey and helping them to achieve their wealth accumulation goals. This calculator provides a tangible roadmap for those aspiring to reach the coveted crore milestone, allowing for well-informed financial planning and decision-making.