Unlock the Power
Digital Gold

Dive into the Future of Precious Metal Investment with Seamless
Digital Gold Solutions. Your Gateway to Diversification and Stability.

Primary Attributes
of Digital Gold Investment


Invest in gold without the need to physically
store or handle the metal. All transactions are
conducted online, making it a convenient way to
buy and sell gold.

Fractional Ownership

Digital gold platforms allow you to buy and own
fractional amounts of gold, making it accessible to
a wider range of investors with different budgets.

Real-time Pricing

Digital gold platforms often provide real-time
pricing, allowing you to track the value of your
investment at any moment.


It's relatively easy to convert your digital gold
holdings back into cash, providing a level of
liquidity that physical gold may not offer.

Secure Storage

The gold you purchase digitally is typically
stored securely in vaults by trusted custodians,
eliminating concerns about physical storage and

No Making Charges

When you buy physical gold, there are often
additional charges for making jewelry. With digital
gold, you're investing in the metal itself without these
additional costs.

Easy Diversification

Adding digital gold to your investment portfolio
can provide diversification benefits, as it's not
directly correlated with traditional financial markets.

Low Minimum

Many platforms allow you to start investing
in digital gold with a relatively low minimum
investment, making it accessible to beginners.


You can invest in digital gold from the comfort
of your home using a computer or smartphone,
eliminating the need to visit physical stores or dealers.


Reputable digital gold providers often provide
transparency about the source and purity of the
gold they offer.

Tax Efficiency

Depending on your jurisdiction, investing in
digital gold might have tax advantages compared
to physical gold, as it might be considered a financial
asset rather than a collectible.

No Storage Costs

Unlike physical gold, you don't need to worry
about storage costs or the security of keeping
the gold safe.

Ease of Tracking

Digital platforms provide tools to track your
gold holdings and their value over time, helping
you stay informed about your investment.

Global Access

Many digital gold platforms offer access to gold
markets from around the world, giving you the ability
to invest in various types of gold products.


Some platforms allow you to set up automatic
purchases of digital gold at regular intervals,
enabling disciplined investing.

No Geographical

Digital gold investing isn't bound by geographical
limitations, allowing investors from various countries
to participate.

Frequently Asked Questions
Digital Gold

What is the DigiGold product sold by Augmont?

DigiGold facilitates the purchase of physical bullion (i.e. bars of Gold/Silver) for as low as Re. 1 with the ease of online access. The customer can request for the delivery of Gold/Silver purchased from Augmont anytime they want in the form of coins/ bars and jewellery and it will be delivered at your doorstep. Customers can also sell the bullion (bought from us) in a secured and convenient manner back to Augmont.

What is the purity of the gold/silver that Augmont offers to customers in the DigiGold product?

Augmont, through its online platform, offers 24 carat 999 Gold and 24 carat 999 Silver.

Why buy DigiGold from Augmont Gold for All?
  • Ease of Account Opening - Opening an Account with us is a quite simple, hassle- free process.
  • Minimum Verification - Only mobile number verification is required for successful registration.
  • No Additional Costs - No brokerage is charged. No charges for storage and insurance.
  • Small Quantity - Augmont enables the purchase of Gold and Silver for as low as Rs. 1
  • Better Prices - The bullion is available at wholesale market prices.
  • Buy Back - You can sell the bullion bought from us at very low spreads.
  • Delivery - The customer can avail delivery of bullion at their doorstep.
  • Dedicated Customer Service - Contact the Customer Service Desk by Email, Whatsapp and Call during business hours of 10:00 am to 7:00 pm from Monday to Saturday except on public holidays.
How does ‘Augmont’ ensure a Fair and competitive price?

The Buy & Sell prices are quoted on the basis of wholesale prices in the spot market. We share the benefit of wholesale market prices with our customers, making us more competitive as compared to others

How to get started?

On Augmont Gold for All, any resident Indian with a valid PAN/Form 60 and a bank account can start purchasing DigiGold. You must simply register by entering your mobile number and verifying it with the OTP supplied to you.

What is the quantity of Gold/Silver that I can buy and sell back to Augmont?

You can buy any quantity of Gold/Silver on Augmont. The minimum amount of purchase allowed is Re.1 However, you are allowed to sell only the Gold/Silver that you have bought from us. You are not allowed to sell the gold or silver until 48 hours from the purchase time for security reasons.

How does ‘Augmont’ ensure a Fair and competitive price

The Buy and Sell prices are calculated using wholesale spot market pricing. We pass on the benefits from wholesale market prices to our consumers, making us more competitive than the competition.

Is GST included in the quoted prices?

All our prices quoted on the website are exclusive of GST and other applicable taxes. The applicable GST is added to the quoted price at the final stage of checkout.

Why is there a difference in the Buy and Sell price on Augmont?

The price for Gold/Silver (i.e. Buy/Sell) is displayed on the Augmont website, and there is always a little disparity between the buy and sell prices. The spread varies depending on a variety of factors such as price volatility, supply, and external market circumstances. On the platform, we transperately quote live prices. Furthermore, GST, which is imposed on the buy price, is not levied on the sell price, and there are other charges for payment gateways, trustees, and other services that contribute to the difference between the buy and sell prices.

What happens to the proceeds when I sell my gold/silver?

You receive the sale proceeds in your confirmed bank account when you sell your gold or silver. Within three working days, the funds will be credited to your bank account. You can contact our customer care if there are any delays.

Are there any charges that I will have to bear while selling back to Augmont?

You can sell back at the market prices which are displayed on the website on a real- time basis. There are no additional charges.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) to buy bullion?

You can buy gold and silver for as low as Re. 1 up to four decimal grams

Where can I find the invoice for each order?

You can download the invoice from the My Orders section in the buy reports.

How can orders be monitored?

Customers can monitor their activities on the website by viewing all transactional details in the ‘My Orders' section. To keep track of all the transactions, there are separate reports such as Buy Reports, Sell Reports, and My Orders, among others.

Can orders be cancelled?

Once orders have been successfully placed, they cannot be cancelled.