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* Calculated on the basis Of return expectation for - short term - 8% pa
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What is an Inflation Calculator?

An Inflation calculator is a financial tool designed to help individuals understand how the increasing cost of goods and services can erode the real value of their money over time. This calculator enables users to compare the impact of inflation on their purchasing power with the potential growth of their investments had the same money been invested over a similar time period. It requires inputs such as the years for which you wish to compare costs and the expense amount.

Why Use This Calculator?

  • Inflation Awareness: The Inflation calculator is an essential tool for raising awareness about the effects of inflation on one's finances. It helps individuals understand how inflation can reduce the real value of their money.

  • Financial Planning: This calculator assists users in making informed financial decisions by considering the long-term impact of inflation. It highlights the importance of investing to combat the eroding effects of rising prices.

  • Investment Insights: By comparing the real value of money with potential investment growth, the calculator provides insights into the benefits of investment strategies for wealth preservation.

How Does This Calculator Work?

  • Input Data: Users provide a few pieces of information: years for which they wish to compare costs and the amount of a specific expense. This expense represents the cost of goods or services affected by inflation.

  • Calculation Process: The Inflation calculator utilises these inputs to perform calculations. It estimates how the expense amount would increase over the specified time period due to inflation.

  • Investment Comparison: In addition to the expense projection, the calculator calculates how the same money would have grown if it were invested at a certain rate of return. This provides a clear comparison between the real value of money and potential investment growth.

  • Results: The calculator presents users with a side-by-side comparison of the projected expense amount affected by inflation and the potential investment value. This allows users to see the impact of inflation on their money's purchasing power and the benefits of investment in combating this erosion.

In summary, the Inflation calculator is a valuable tool for understanding the real impact of inflation on personal finances. It emphasises the importance of investment and financial planning to counteract the diminishing value of money caused by rising prices. This calculator helps individuals make informed financial decisions and highlights the advantages of investment strategies for preserving and growing their wealth.