Guaranteed Growth
& Peace of Mind

Beat the inflation with your parents' and
grandparents' favourite asset

Primary Attributes
of Fixed Deposits

Interest Rates

Better interest rates than Bank fixed
deposits i.e upto 8.60% p.a.

Guaranteed Returns

Fixed deposits offer a fixed interest rate,
ensuring a predictable and guaranteed return
on your investment.


Fixed Deposits are known for their stability and
low-risk nature, making them a safe option
for conservative investors.

Flexible Tenures

You can choose the tenure of your fixed
deposit, which can range from a few months
to several years, depending on your financial goals.

Interest Payout Options

You can typically choose to receive the interest
generated either on a monthly, quarterly, or
cumulative basis at the end of the tenure.

Fixed Interest Rate

The interest rate at which you invest in a fixed
deposit remains constant throughout the entire
tenure, shielding you from fluctuations in the market.

Low Minimum

Fixed deposits often have a relatively low
minimum investment amount, making them
accessible to a wide range of investors.

No Market Dependency

Unlike investments in stocks or mutual funds,
fixed deposits are not influenced by market
volatility, providing a sense of security.

Ease of Investment

Opening a fixed deposit account is a straightforward
process, often requiring minimal documentation.

Tax Implications

The interest earned from fixed deposits is subject
to taxation, but some banks offer tax-saving fixed
deposits that come with a lock-in period and tax
benefits under specific sections of the Income Tax Act.

Loan Against Fixed Deposit

In times of urgent financial need, you can take
a loan against your fixed deposit, using it as

Nomination Facility

You can nominate a beneficiary for your
fixed deposit, ensuring that your investment
passes on to them in the event of your
unfortunate demise.

Senior Citizen Benefits

Many banks offer higher interest rates to senior
citizens, making fixed deposits an attractive option
for retirees.

Auto-Renewal Option

At the end of the tenure, you can choose to
automatically renew your fixed deposit for another
term, ensuring your investment continues to grow.

Liquidity with Penalty

While Fixed Deposits are not as liquid as some other
investments, most banks allow premature
withdrawals with a penalty, which can be useful
in case of emergencies.

Wide Range of

Financial institutions often provide
various types of fixed deposits, including regular,
tax-saving, and special tenure deposits, allowing
you to choose one that suits your needs.

Fixed Deposit

Know how you can maximise your Fixed
Deposit returns by choosing different
tenures of investment.

Frequently Asked Questions
Fixed Deposit

What is a fixed deposit scheme?

A fixed deposit is a savings option that helps you earn interest on savings parked with a financier of your choice. You can choose to get returns periodically or at maturity. The interest rates are typically higher than savings accounts because the money is locked in for a specific period and cannot be withdrawn at the will of the depositor, except in specific scenarios in which the customer is ready to bear the penalty for premature withdrawal.

Which interest payout options are available?

All residents over 18 years can invest in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit through both online and offline mode. Minors, NRIs and non-individuals who want to invest in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit.

Is there any charge for opening the Fixed Deposit?

Investing in Fixed Deposit from airpay money is absolutely FREE.

Will any special rates be applicable for specific categories of applicants?

Yes. Senior citizens (i.e., persons above 60 years of age, subject to provision of proof of age) will get additional interest rate benefits up to 0.25% p.a. on deposits of up to Rs. 5 crore.

How soon will I receive my Fixed Deposit receipt?

The depositor will receive the Fixed Deposit receipt by courier maximum within 3 weeks of creating their deposit account.

Where can I find my Fixed Deposit details like amount, tenure, interest %?

You can refer to your FDR (Fixed Deposit Rates) or Statement of Account, available on our FD Dashboard.

Can I open a deposit account by cash payment?

No, you cannot open a deposit account by cash payment.

How will the maturity amount be transferred?

The maturity amount will be transferred to the bank account mentioned by the depositor in the application form through National Electronic Fund Transfer/Real Time Gross Settlement modes only. The entire amount shall be transferred on the date of maturity of the deposit. In case of electronic account transfer bounce, the depositor will be intimated through phone call, email and written letter requesting him to update the bank account details registered with us.