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Earn more by swapping your old Fixed Deposit investments with new Fixed Deposits at a higher rate
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* Maturity is calculated as 65 years of age. Above calculation and
illustration of figured are indicative only and not on actual basis.

What's a Fixed Deposit Calculator?

A Fixed Deposit calculator is a financial tool that assists individuals in optimizing their fixed deposits, a commonly chosen investment avenue. Fixed deposits involve investing a lump sum amount for a specific period, earning a predefined interest rate. This calculator helps users explore how altering investment amounts, tenures, and expected returns can influence their FD earnings.

Why use this calculator?

  • Strategic Investing: The Fixed Deposit calculator is an essential tool for individuals contemplating fixed deposits as an investment. It empowers them to make informed investment choices by experimenting with different investment amounts, timeframes, and anticipated returns.

  • Maximizing Returns: It aids individuals in pinpointing the ideal combination of factors that will maximize their fixed deposit returns.

  • Realistic Financial Projections: The calculator provides users with a down-to-earth projection of how their fixed deposits will grow, allowing them to set practical investment goals.

How does this calculator work?

  • Input Data: Users provide three key pieces of information: the sum they intend to invest in the fixed deposit, the duration for which they plan to keep their money locked in the FD, and the anticipated annual interest rate.

  • Calculation Process: The FD calculator takes this data and performs a series of calculations. It determines the total interest earned, the maturity amount, and the interest component that accumulates on the initial investment throughout the investment period.

  • Comparative Analysis: Users can experiment with various values for the investment amount, tenure, and expected return, enabling them to visualize how these variables affect their earnings.

  • Result Display: The calculator offers a clear overview of how the fixed deposit will evolve over time, factoring in the specific inputs. It breaks down the interest earnings and presents the final maturity amount.

In summary, a Fixed Deposit calculator is a valuable tool for anyone considering fixed deposits as a component of their investment strategy. It streamlines the process of understanding how different investment amounts, investment durations, and expected returns can impact fixed deposit growth. This calculator enables individuals to make the most of their fixed deposit earnings and make informed investment decisions.