Top Two Wheeler Insurance Plans

TATA AlG Insurance

24 hrs Claim Settlement
Trusted choice with two decades of expertise.
Garage Network: 7500+ authorized garages for convenient services.
99% Claims Settled: Ensuring a seamless claims experience.

Iffco Tokio General Insurance

24 hrs Claim Settlement
Extensive Network: 4,300+ network garages for hassle-free repairs.
Quick Settlement: Efficiently settles bike insurance claims at an impressive rate of 95.80%.
24/7 Support: Dedicated assistance round the clock for policyholders.
Affordable Plans: Bike insurance starting at Rs. 182, making it pocket-friendly.
5400+ Cashless Garage.
98% Claim Settlement
Zero Depreciation Cover.
Get Policy in 3 easy Step.
TATA AlG Insurance
24 hrs Claim Settlement
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Established in 2001
No of authorized garage-7500+
Claim settlement ratio 99%
Compulsory personal accident cover for owner-driver of 15 lakhs
Asset Under Management-23,493 cr FY23
Market rating-2nd largest Pvt motor Insurance Company
Damages and Loss to the Bike
Your comprehensive bike insurance policy offers an own damage cover which will cover the damage and loss caused to your bike due to:
  • Natural calamities such as floods, cyclones, earthquakes, snowfall, etc.
  • Man-made damages from terrorist attacks, riots, strikes, other malicious activities, etc.
  • Damages by fire caused by self-ignition, lightning, explosions, etc.
  • Damages caused by accidents and in transit by air, waterways, railways, roadways, etc.
  • custom list
  • Third-Party Liability
  • Personal Accident Cover for the Owner-Driver
General wear and tear, consequential loss and mechanical/electrical breakdown of the bike due to age.
If the bike is used outside the determined geographical borders, i.e., outside the boundaries of India.
Damage caused due to war, war-like operations, mutiny and nuclear perils.
Benefits of choosing TATA AIG:
Get up to 75% off on your two-wheeler premium payments
No Claim Bonus (NCB) discount starting at 20% on your bike insurance premiums
Dedicated team of 650 claim experts, experience a seamless claim process online with us in a few easy steps.
claim settlement ratio
network garages all over the country
What is the percentage of claim in Tata AIG bike insurance?
Tata AIG Bike Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio
You will be happy to note that we had a 99% bike insurance claim percentage in the FY 2022 - 2023 for our motor insurance claims.
How many times can I claim 2 wheeler insurance?
There is no limit to the number of claims you can raise in your bike insurance policy. However, it is always advised to not raise multiple claims within a year, so it does not affect your other-related benefits.
Can I claim insurance if I damage my own bike?
Not to worry, the two wheeler Own Damage insurance will cover the cost to repair or replace bike parts damaged due to the accident. In case your bike is damaged due to floods, earthquakes, cyclones, etc. ACKO's OD plan will cover the damages to your bike.
How much does insurance pay for bike accident?
If the owner is covered under a stand-alone accident plan and the SI is Rs. 15 Lakh, then a waiver will be provided to them for this cover. If the owner has a personal accident policy for his existing car then he/she does not have to purchase a separate PA cover for his/her new bike or car.
How to claim Tata AIG insurance for bike?
At Tata AIG, the procedure to file a Total Loss or Constructive Total Loss claim is simple:
  • Log in to our official website (
  • Visit the Claims Process page.
  • Provide information about your policy and yourself as prompted.
  • Complete self-inspection of your bike via the link sent to your registered mobile phone.
HDFC Ergo General Insurance
24 hrs Claim Settlement
Download Brochure
100% Claim Settlement Ratio
Paperless Claims Experience
Advanced real time Claim Tracker
Mobile Application Enabled Workforce
Unlimited Zero Depreciation Claims
One Claim Settled Every Minute
protects the policyholders against the following:
All third party liabilities - bodily injury, death and property damage (up to Rs. 1 lakh), arising out of an accident/mishap caused by the insured’s bike.
Own-damage incurred by the insured’s bike in the following scenarios:
  • During travel by road, rail, water or air
  • Natural calamities like earthquake, floods, etc
  • Man-made disasters like riots, strikes, etc
  • Fire/Explosions
  • Theft of the vehicle
  • Road accidents
The comprehensive bike insurance policy by HDFC ERGO does not cover the expenses of normal wear and tear taking place in the bike.
Electrical and Mechanical Breakdown
Any kinds of electrical or mechanical breakdown remains uncovered in this cover.
Illegal practices
Your bike insurance becomes invalid if the damage is caused when the insured was travelling without a licence, or in an intoxicated state or in any activity against the law.
HDFC ERGO offers many exquisite benefits for its bike insurance policyholders such as:
Easy and Quick claim settlement process
Hassle-free driving experience with a peace of mind
Cashless claim facility at over 6,800 network garages
Attractive add-on covers so that policyholders can enjoy extensive coverage
24 hours availability of customer support service with an instant solution to all the user problems.
What are the add-on covers offered with HDFC ERGO Comprehensive bike Insurance policy?
Loss or Damage to the Insured Vehicle caused due to:
Fire, explosion, self ignition or lightning.
Burglary, housebreaking or theft
All act of God perils like earthquake, flood, cyclone etc
Accidental external means, terrorism, riot and strike
Liability to Third Parties:
Provides cover for any legal liability arising out of the use of the vehicle for
Accidental death / injury to any third party
Any damage to property owned by third party
Personal Accident Cover:
The policy provides for a mandatory Personal Accident cover for owner driver and optional cover for passengers covering accidental death and permanent total disability
General aging, wear & tear, mechanical or electrical breakdown, failure, depreciation, any consequential loss
Damage by a person driving without a valid license
Damage by a person driving under the influence of liquor or drugs
Loss/damage attributable to war, mutiny, nuclear risks
Damage to tyres and tubes, unless damaged during an accident
Usage on hire & reward (applicable for all classes except public commercial vehicles)
Loss or damage to bonnet side parts, mudguard, bumpers, lamps, tyres, tubes, headlights, paint work (applicable for all commercial vehicles; unless opted additionally)
Loss or damage resulting from overturning arising out of operation as a tool (applicable for mobile cranes, drilling rigs, mobile plants, navvies, shovels, grabs, rippers unless opted for additionally)
For Accidental Damage to Insured Vehicle (Own Damage Claims):
Call our customer care Toll-free 1800-2-700-700 (Accessible from India only) if the vehicle meets with an accident and provide your policy number for reference and register the claim
Alternatively, you can visit and register on IPO (available on website/Download IPO app on your smart phone) by providing personal details, link your policy and register your claim under "Claims" tab
If your vehicle can be driven, take it to the nearest dealer / garage.
Get a repair estimate, fill up the claim form and attach a copy of the registration certificate and driving license of the person driving at the time of the accident.
If the garage is within our network, you could avail of cashless claim facility. Pay for non accident related repairs, depreciation and deductible. We would settle the rest.
If the garage is outside our network, you would have to get the claim reimbursed subsequently.
Iffco Tokio General Insurance
24 hrs Claim Settlement
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No of authorized garage- PAN India cash less services with Toyota, Honda, TATA, Maruti, Hyundai etc.
Claim repudiation ratio is 0.05%
Personal Accident cover- 15 Lakhs for individual customer
Asset Under Management-Gross written premium in FY 2022-23 is Rs 10,044 Cr
Solvency Ratio- 1.72
Established on 4th December 2000
coverage offered under the IFFCO Tokio bike insurance plan are as follows:
  • If the two-wheeler is lost or stolen
  • If there is damage to the bike due to any accident or mishap
  • Any damage caused due to fire or explosion
  • Any damage due to natural calamities
  • Personal accident cover
  • Third-party liability cover
Any damage that takes place when riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs or without a valid driving license
Normal wear and tear of the bike
Any kind of electrical or mechanical breakdown
Benefits of choosing Iffco Tokio:
Network Garages:
IFFCO Tokio has a tie-up with over 4,300 network garages. With an extensive number of network garages available, you can easily get the benefit of cashless claim settlement.
Quick Claim Settlement:
With a claim settlement of 95.80%, IFFCO Tokio is efficient in settling bike insurance claims in a matter of a few minutes. Moreover, the process of claim settlement is also quick and hassle-free.
24*7 Support:
IFFCO Tokio has a dedicated team that provides 24*7 assistance to policyholders. So, if you have any queries regarding the IFFCO Tokio bike insurance plan, you can easily reach out to the IFFCO Tokio team.
Affordable Premiums:
IFFCO Tokio has bike insurance plans to start at Rs. 182. Thus, when you choose to buy bike insurance with IFFCO Tokio, you will be able to buy bike insurance at affordable premiums.
Why should I buy IFFCO Tokio bike insurance policy?
An insurance policy acts as a safety cover for an individual. You never know what will happen the next moment you are on the road with your bike. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for the financial liabilities arising out of an unfortunate event.
What are some of the advantages of getting my policy from IFFCO Tokio?
IFFCO Tokio has maintained its position at number one in many criteria that attracts the customers over it. It features a claim settlement ratio of 95.30%, it allows the customer to make unlimited zero depreciation claim and unlike other insurance companies, it covers the losses incurred due to electrical as well as non-electrical gadgets.
How long will it take to get a bike insurance policy from IFFCO Tokio?
Getting an insurance policy from IFFCO Tokio is a hassle-free process. If you are ready with all the necessary documents you won’t take longer than 5 minutes to get your policy. It’s quicker than you would have ever imagined.
Can I take my two wheeler insurance policy online?
Yes, IFFCO Tokio provides online insurance online by visiting their official website. You need to feed all the necessary information, review it and finally buy it.
Does IFFCO Tokio provide add-ons for a bike insurance policy?
Definitely, add-on covers are available for bike insurance policy as well. IFFCO Tokio offers an ample number of add-ons such as Zero depreciation cover, Roadside Assistance cover, Personal accident cover etc.