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Niva Bupa

24 hrs Claim Settlement
Starting from:
₹ 669/month*
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Unlimited Restoration of Cover
Coverage for medical expenses incurred during hospitalization
for 2 hours and more
Free Online doctor consultation(s) to keep your health in check

HDFC ERGO Optima Secure Plan

24 hrs Claim Settlement
Starting from:
₹ 1028/month*
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12,000+ Cashless Healthcare Network
2X coverage from day 1
100% restore coverage.

HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha Plan

24 hrs Claim Settlement
Starting from:
₹ 784/month*
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12,000+ Cashless Healthcare Network
2X coverage from day 1
100% restore coverage.

HDFC ERGO Optima Restore Plan

24 hrs Claim Settlement
Starting from:
₹ 960/month*
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12,000+ Cashless Healthcare Network
2X coverage from day 1
100% restore coverage.

Iffco Tokio

24 hrs Claim Settlement
Starting from:
₹ 584/month*
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Generous Coverage: Up to Rs. 20 lakhs for peace of mind.
Cashless Care: Access treatment at 7000+ hospitals seamlessly.
Wellness Plus: Enjoy perks like nil co-pay, lifelong renewal, and tax benefits under 80D.

ICICI Lombard Insurance

24 hrs Claim Settlement
Starting from:
₹ 684/month*
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99.7% Claim Settlement:Impressive claim settlement ratio for reliable service.
Extensive Hospital Network: Over 7500 network hospitals for broad healthcare access.
Financial Strength: GWP FY 2023 reached 217.72 Billion, showcasing financial robustness.
Experienced Provider: Established in 2001, offering years of expertise in healthcare coverage.

What is Claim Ratio?

A higher claim ratio is crucial in
assessing an insurer's likelihood to honor
valid claims, making it a key factor in
choosing an insurance company.


Claim Support Guaranteed With
On Ground Claim Assistance.

Niva Bupa
24 hrs Claim Settlement
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Sum Assured Range: 5 Lacs – 1 Crore
Claim Settlement Ratio: 93%
Network Hospitals: 10,059
Founded in 2008
Booster+: Roll over unused base sum insured to the next year, up to 10X.
Lock The Clock: Pay based on entry age, until a claim is made.
Hospitalization Coverage: Included for 2 hours and beyond.
Restoration of Base Coverage: Unlimited times, indefinitely.
100% Claims paid within 3 months
Restoration of cover: Rs 10 lakh unlimited times in a year; both related and unrelated illness. This will be carried forward at every renewal maximum up to 100%
Renewal Bonus: Rs 10 lakh will be added per year maximum up to Rs 30 lakh if you don’t claim. Even if you make a claim, balance sum insured for base plan will be carried forward.
Cashless hospitals: 10508 cashless hospitals in India
Co-pay: 100% paid by the insurer
Pre-hospitalization coverage:60 days
Post-hospitalization coverage: 180 days
Emergency Ambulance Coverage: Coverage for emergency ambulance costs up to Rs 10 lakh
Comprehensive Hospitalization Coverage: Medical expenses for in-patient care and hospitalisation are covered.
Pre and Post-Hospitalization Coverage: Expenses incurred before and after hospitalisation for a specified number of days are included.
Room Rent and ICU Charges: Coverage for hospital room rent and ICU charges, with or without sub-limits.
Home Medical Treatment: Coverage for medical treatment at home when hospital beds are unavailable up to Rs 1 cr
Day Care Treatment: Coverage for outpatient department treatments, ENT, dental procedures, and other specified procedures. Every hospitalization for more than 2 hours is also covered.
Organ Donor Treatment: n-patient treatment related to organ harvesting for organ donors.
Permanent Exclusions: Pre-specified list of diseases and medical conditions not covered by the policy.
Waiting periods vary, with accident treatments typically having no waiting period and other treatments having a 30-day waiting period. Pre-existing conditions may have a longer waiting period of 2-6 years.
Additional Riders: Additional riders for special medical needs, such as critical illness coverage and hospital cash, can be purchased with an extra premium.
Key Statistics for Niva Bupa
Term Insurance
5.81 Cr
Number of Lives Insured
as on 31st March 2022
₹ 2.04 Lakh Cr
Claims Settled
Till 31st March 2022
₹ 2.04 Lakh Cr
Asset Under Management
as on 31st March 2022
₹ 23.50 Trillion
Total Sum Assured
Branches Across India
Awarded With Gold Trophy
By Et Brand Equity Kaleido
Awards 2022 For The 'Protect
& Save' Campaign.
Why do I need an OPD cover?
A regular health insurance policy covers only the hospitalization expenses. However, a significant amount is spent Out of pocket on OPD doctor consultations, pharmacy costs and diagnostic tests. A good OPD cover pays for these expenses.
What is a waiting period? Are there different types of waiting periods?
Waiting period is the time a customer needs to wait before making a claim in the policy. There are 3 types:
Initial Waiting period - Usually 30 days from the start date of policy. Only claims related to accidents are admissible in the first 30 days.
Specific Disease waiting period - Usually 2 years from the start date of policy. Claims related to slow growing diseases (ex. Hernia, cataract etc,) are paid only after continuing the policy for 2 years.
Pre-existing disease waiting period - Usually 4 years from the start date of policy. Claims related to any pre-existing condition such as heart disease / diabetes etc. are paid only after 4 years of continuing with the policy.
What is Super top? How does it work?
Super topup is a very low cost plan that provides additional coverage, over and above your base health insurance plan.
For Example
If you have a base policy of ₹5 lacs, you can buy a Super top-up of ₹95 lakhs at a very minimal cost to make your overall health cover of ₹1 crore.
What does Cashless hospitalization mean?
Cashless hospitalization refers to a process in which you don’t pay the claim yourself but the claim amount is directly paid to the hospital by the insurer. You simply need to inform the insurer about the hospitalization within 24 hours and submit all the required documents for cashless approval.
For Example
You are a policy holder of health insurance company ABCD, which has a tie-up with 10,000+ hospitals across India. If you face a medical emergency and wish to seek the cashless facility, you need to get medical treatment from a hospital that is a part of this 10,000+ network.
₹ 669/month*
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HDFC ERGO Optima Secure Plan
24 hrs Claim Settlement
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Secure benefit: 2x coverage from Day 1
Plus benefit: Additional, 100% increase in coverage post-completion of 2 years
Restore Benefit: 100% restoration of Base Sum Insured for claims arising during a policy year
Protect Benefit: Zero deduction on non-medical expenses
Unlimited Zero Depreciation Claims
Value buy: Aggregate deductible options to garner discounts on premium
Claims paid within 3 months :98.5%
Room rent limit: Any category
Restoration of cover : Rs 5 lakh once in a year; for related and unrelated illness
Renewal Bonus: Rs 2.5 lakh per year and up to maximum of Rs 5 lakh for each claim free year
Cashless hospitals: 9952 cashless hospitals in India
Co-pay: 100% paid by the insurer
Pre-hospitalization coverage: 60 days
Hospitalization at home: Up to Rs 5 lakh
Free health checkup: Up to Rs. 1,500 for Individual policies; Up to Rs. 2,500 per policy for Family Floater policies on each continuous renewal
E-consultation: Once per insured person (for 51 defined major illnesses)
Daily cash allowance: Rs 800 per day and maximum upto Rs 4,800
Existing Illness cover: 3 years
Maternity cover: Not available in this plan
Initial Waiting Period: 30 days; except claims arising due to an accident, provided the same are covered.
Is No Cost Installment*^ feature in optima secure applicable for all policy tenures?
The feature is available to one-year policy holders. It can also be availed by debit and credit card holders"
What is the secure benefit of my Optima Secure?
The word secure resonates with being safe and tension-free. Under Optima Secure plan, we provide you with the secure benefit. This health insurance plan offers additional coverage up to 100% of the base sum Insured immediately upon purchase at no extra charge. This additional amount can be utilised for any number of admissible claims. Now isn't this truly a benefit that can keep you secure.
Example: You have bought an Optima Secure Health Insurance plan with a health cover or sum insured of ₹5 lacs. In this case, your sum insured instantly gets doubled up to offer you a total health cover of ₹10 lacs instead of a basic ₹5 lacs health cover for which you paid your valuable premium. This additional amount can be utilised for any number of admissible claims. That means you can now make claims up to ₹10 lacs instead of ₹5 lacs.
If I meet with an accident just 10 days after buying health insurance, am I eligible to claim under health insurance?
Absolutely. There is no waiting period for claims due to accidents. Under any health insurance policy, there is a clause of a waiting period. This means you are eligible to file a claim only after completing a certain number of days mentioned in the policy wording. With Optima Secure, there is a waiting period of 30 days before making a claim except for accidental claims, 24 months waiting period on specific & listed illnesses & surgical procedures and 36 months waiting period on pre-existing diseases. This means accidental claims are covered immediately from the policy start date.
What is the automatic restore benefit?
Optima Secure Health Insurance plan restores up to 100% of your base sum insured for subsequent claims, for any illness, or any insured person. Your base sum insured is the actual sum insured that you had chosen when buying the policy. This helps you in case you exhaust your existing sum insured for any claim or number of claims. Suppose today you have bought an Optima Secure Health Insurance plan with a health cover or sum insured of ₹5 lacs, and, you register a claim of ₹8 lacs in year one. In such a scenario, you will be able to settle hospital bills worth ₹5 lacs from your base sum insured and the remaining ₹3 lacs from your secure benefit. If there is a subsequent claim in the same policy year, you will have automatic restore benefit up to your base sum insured for your immediate usage. Automatic restore benefit kicks from your 2nd claim onwards once you exhaust Base Sum Insured, Plus Benefit (after 1st year), Secure Benefit (in this order) and is available every policy year. Unutilised automatic restore benefit is not carried forward to the next policy year.
What is the maximum sum insured available?
Optima Secure plan is available for the sum insured up to ₹2 Cr. Various sum insured options are available such as ₹5, ₹10, ₹15, ₹20, ₹25, ₹50 lacs and ₹1Cr. You can buy the best health insurance policy of a sum insured that best suits your needs.
Are Covid-19 expenses covered under my Optima Secure plan?
Yes, all COVID- 19 expenses are covered under Optima Secure plan. You need not buy a separate health insurance policy when you get it all under one policy.
₹ 1028/month*
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Iffco Tokio
24 hrs Claim Settlement
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Top-notch Claim Ratio: Industry-leading 93%.
Nationwide Hospital Network: 7,173 PAN India hospitals (List attached).
Financial Strength: AUM of Rs 10,044 Cr, Solvency Ratio of 1.72 since 2000.
Swift Claims: 89.4% settled within 3 months for a hassle-free experience.
Flexible Rooms: No limits on room categories.
Renewal Bonuses: Earn up to Rs 5 lakh for staying claim-free.
Health Incentives: Free checkups, up to 8% renewal discount, and Rs 1,000 daily cash during hospitalization (shared accommodation).
Comprehensive Coverage: Cashless hospitals, 100% co-pay, extensive pre/post-hospitalization, day care, AYUSH, organ donor cover.
Claims paid within 3 months: 89.4%
Room rent limit: All Categories
Restoration of cover: Not available in this plan
Renewal Bonus:Rs 1.25 lakh for first claim-free year and Rs 50000 for the subsequent claim-free years (each year) up to Rs 5 lakh
Cashless hospitals: 7188 cashless hospitals in India
Co-pay:100% paid by the insurer
Pre-hospitalization coverage: 60 Days
Post-hospitalization coverage: 90 Days
Hospitalization at home: Up to Rs 1 lakh
Ambulance charges: Up to Rs 2,500 per hospitalization
Existing Illness cover: 3 years
Maternity cover: Not available in this plan
How do I get my insurance claim?
When filing for a claim or cover under the cheapest Mediclaim policy, including Mediclaim for senior citizens, you need to remember that you will need to furnish required documents within 30 days. All kinds of relevant documents, papers, certificates and other prescriptions and papers will be required to be duly filed along with the claim form.
What is the maximum number of claims allowed over a year?
When you buy a Mediclaim Policy from us, you can make claims under the Mediclaim policy as many times as you want. However, you will not be covered for any costs of medical expenses if your basic sum insured has been exhausted.
Does your Health Insurance plan for cover everything from accident, surgery, normal hospitalization?
  • Health plans from IFFCO Tokio for individuals covers everything, from hospitalization, surgeries, injuries and even day-care procedure for some ailments.
  • However, you must remember that our policy will allow you an insurance claim only if your treatment is done by a registered medical practitioner.
What are the tax benefits I get if I opt for health insurance?
Investing your money in health insurance is a good method of saving up on tax. Under the section 80D of the Income Tax Act, you get a deduction upto Rs. 30,000 on premiums paid for Mediclaim policy including Mediclaim policy for senior citizens.
How is a pre-existing condition defined under health insurance policy?
A pre-existing condition refers to any kind of disease or ailment that the insured person has been suffering from, before having bought an insurance policy at our company. The coverage for such diseases under our Mediclaim policy including Mediclaim for senior citizens is offered to you only after 48 months have elapsed since the commencement of your Mediclaim policy with us. But in case you port your policy including Mediclaim for senior citizens, from some other company and have been covered under the same policy for a while, we will consider the coverage for such pre-existing diseases.
What kinds of Family Health Insurance plans are available?
At IFFCO Tokio, we understand that every person needs a different kind of plan to meet their requirements, for them. We make sure that you find the perfect Mediclaim policy to fit your needs. We offer you two broad kinds of individual health insurance plans. One out of these is where you sign the papers and authorize us to take up the full responsibility of your expenses. However, our reimbursement will not exceed the full sum insured to you, in any case. Apart from this, we offer you the option of co-pay insurance plans as well. Here according to the papers you sign, half of the expenses for your medical care are borne by us and the other half of it is borne by you. The rates and the percentages of such expense sharing are predetermined, and is signed by the insured person during the purchase of the insurance.
₹ 584/month*
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ICICI Lombard Insurance
24 hrs Claim Settlement
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Claim Settlement Ratio: Impressive claim settlement ratio of 99.7%.
Network Hospitals: Extensive network with 7500+ hospitals.
GWP FY 2023: Gross Written Premium for FY 2023 reached 217.72 Billion.
Established: Founded in 2001, bringing years of experience to healthcare coverage.
OPD Coverage: Befit plan covers teleconsultation, pharmacy, and diagnostics on a cashless basis.
Hospitalisation Benefits: Includes pre and post-hospitalisation expenses for extensive medical coverage.
Pre-existing Disease Coverage: Covers pre-existing conditions post waiting period completion.
Cashless Treatment: Settles bills directly with network hospitals for hassle-free hospitalization.
Tax Deduction: Allows tax benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
Health Bonus: Offers additional sum insured for every claim-free year.
Emergency Coverage: Health AdvantEdge policy ensures comprehensive coverage during emergencies.
Room Rent Freedom: No sub-limits on hospital room rent for added flexibility.
Wellness Rewards: Wellness program grants points for healthy activities, redeemable for OPD expenses.
Comprehensive Hospitalization: Covers in-patient medical expenses, room charges, doctor’s fees, and more.
Pre and Post Hospitalization: Extensive coverage 60 days before and 180 days after hospitalization.
Day Care Treatments: Coverage for advanced medical procedures requiring less than 24 hours.
AYUSH Treatment: In-patient coverage for alternative treatments in recognized institutes.
Wellness Program:Earn points for healthy behavior, redeemable on various medical expenses.
Guaranteed Cumulative Bonus:20% extra sum insured at renewal for every claim-free year, maxing at 100%.
Ambulance Coverage: Reimbursement for ambulance expenses, up to 1% of sum insured.
Claim Protector: Coverage for non-payable items under accepted in-patient claims.
Cashless Hospitalization: Avail cashless hospitalization at network providers.
Restore Benefit: Restore sum insured up to 100% once yearly for insufficient coverage.
Pre-existing Diseases: Covered after a 2-year waiting period.
Critical Illness Cover: Lumpsum coverage for 20 critical illnesses with a 30-day survival clause.
Bariatric Surgery Cover: Coverage after 3 years, capped at 50% of sum insured, with BMI criteria and approval.
First 2 Years Exclusions: No coverage for cataract, hernia, stones, etc., during initial 2 years.
Pre-existing Conditions:Excludes pre-existing conditions initially; covered after two consecutive renewals.
Internal Congenital Anomalies: Excludes all internal congenital anomalies and defects.
Initial 30-Day Waiting Period: Illness within 30 days (except accidents); exemption in subsequent renewals.
Permanent Exclusions: War, naturopathy, overseas treatment, domiciliary expenses.
First 2 Years Specific Exclusions: Various diseases not covered in initial 2 years.
What is a family floater insurance plan under ICICI Lombard Health AdvantEdge policy?
Family floater insurance is a single health insurance policy that covers one or more members of your family. They can be your legally wedded spouse, dependant parents and parents-in-law, and dependant children aged 3 months to 25 years. It doesn't cover children above 18 years of age who are financially independent. The total sum insured in a family floater plan is available for each policy member. So, if the total sum insured is ₹10 lakhs, and member one claims ₹3 lakhs, ₹7 lakhs will be the available sum insured amount for the remaining members in the plan for that given policy year.
What is the age limit for taking this policy?
The minimum age limit for taking this policy is 18 years, and the maximum is 65 years.
How can I switch my current insurance to ICICI Lombard?
If you wish to switch your existing health insurance to any ICICI Lombard plan, please provide your application, including a duly filled portability form and your previous policy documents. Kindly share these at least 45 days before the renewal date of your existing health policy.
How much premium qualifies for tax benefits?
With Income Tax benefits under Sec 80D, you can claim tax deductions up to a maximum of ₹25,000 when you purchase a policy for yourself, or spouse, or your children. For dependant parents above 60, you can claim a tax deduction up to a maximum of ₹50,000.
Are all the major corporate hospitals on the network?
There are 6700+ network hospitals where you can avail of cashless facilities. You can claim reimbursement if your treating hospital is not a network hospital.
Will ICICI Lombard Health AdvantEdge Insurance pay for maternity expenses?
With the Apex plan in Health AdvantEdge product, you can avail of the maternity benefits add-on that includes coverage for newborns from birth.
Who do I call at the time of emergency hospitalisation?
You can contact us on our toll-free number, 1800 2666 or SMS "HEALTHCLAIM" to 575758 for a callback. Use the health card at any network hospital to avail of our cashless service. Contact us within 24 hours of hospitalisation for cashless emergency hospitalisation.For cashless emergency hospitalization, we need to be contacted within 24 hours of hospitalization.
Do I have to pay any amount while claiming ICICI Lombard Health AdvantEdge Insurance?
This plan has a 0% copay clause. You can opt for 10% or 20% based on your needs & budget.
₹ 684/month*
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HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha Plan
24 hrs Claim Settlement
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Multiple sum insured options ranging from Rs. 1 Lac to Rs. 5 Crs
Global Health Cover
No room rent capping, no disease sub limits
Any age entry option + lifetime renewal
Wellness features like Fitness discount at renewals + Health incentives
Medical Expense:The plan covers the actual costs of necessary hospitalization due to illness or injury, including mental healthcare. This includes expenses like room rent, ICU charges, diagnostic tests, doctor consultations, medications, and other related fees.
Domiciliary Hospitalization: If the treating medical practitioner advises and the insured person cannot be moved to a hospital due to their condition or if there's no available room in the hospital, the insurance covers treatment at home.
Pre & post hospitalisation: The insurance covers medical expenses that occur 60 days before hospitalization and up to 180 days after discharge.
Day care Procedures: Covers medical expenses for all day care procedures.
Road Ambulance: Covers expenses incurred for utilizing road ambulance service for transporting insured person in case of an emergency.
Organ Donor Expenses: Covers medical expenses incurred on harvesting the organ from the donor for organ transplantation wherein the insured person is the recipient.
Air ambulance covers: The insurance covers expenses for emergency air ambulance transportation via airplane or helicopter to the nearest hospital for necessary care.
Recovery Benefit: If the insured person stays continuously hospitalized for more than 10 days, they receive a one-time lump sum benefit.
Preventive Health Check-Up – Booster: The insurance includes a feature where you can monitor your health status by getting a preventive health check-up at the end of each policy year, regardless of whether you've made any claims.
Cumulative Bonus: Each claim-free year results in an increase of 10% or 25% (depending on the plan) of the base sum insured, up to a maximum of 100% or 200% of the base sum insured.
Fitness Discount @ Renewal: Earn up to a 10% discount on your renewal premium by accumulating healthy weeks.
Health Incentives: Maintain good health and receive a 50% discount on renewal medical underwriting loading if your test parameters are favorable. These tests should be done at your own cost through our network provider.
Wellness Services: Access wellness services including a health coach, specialized stress management program, diet consultation, and discounts on outpatient department (OPD) visits and pharmaceuticals, among other benefits.
What is the difference between Silver Smart, Gold Smart & Platinum Smart plans?
The primary difference between the Silver Smart, Gold Smart, and Platinum Smart plans lies in the available Sum Insured (SI) options:
1. Silver Smart: Offers SI options of 3, 4, and 5 lakhs.
2. Gold Smart: Provides SI options of 7.5, 10, and 15 lakhs.
3. Platinum Smart: Offers a wider range of SI options, including 20, 25, 50, and 75 lakhs.
While the coverage features may be similar across the plans, the available SI options allow customers to choose the level of coverage that best suits their individual needs and budget.
What is the geographical jurisdiction to avail medical treatment under my health Suraksha?
Geographical jurisdiction to avail medical treatment is India only.
What is home heathcare cover?
Home healthcare is a special cashless cover that allows the insured to receive treatment at home if advised by their medical practitioner. This coverage includes services such as chemotherapy, gastroenteritis treatment, hepatitis treatment, fever management, dengue treatment, and more.
How to avail claim under Home healthcare?
Notify Us: Inform us immediately upon diagnosis of the illness, providing basic policy details, treatment plans, and your preferred date and time for the initial assessment.
Inform Home Healthcare Service Provider: We will then inform our Home Healthcare service provider about your case. They will arrange to meet the treating medical practitioner to assess the situation.
Assessment and Coordination: The Home Healthcare service provider will check if the patient requires any equipment or devices and will collaborate with the treating medical practitioner to develop a care plan and estimate the treatment costs.
Submission of Documents: Once all necessary documents are gathered, including the care plan and treatment cost estimation, please submit them to us.
Authorization or Rejection: Upon receipt of complete documentation, we will review the case and may issue an authorization letter specifying the sanctioned amount for the claim. If necessary, we may reject the cashless request.
Overall, the process operates similarly to any other cashless hospitalization claim procedure, ensuring that you receive the necessary support and coverage for home healthcare services.
What is sum insured rebound cover?
Sum Insured Rebound Cover is a feature that adds an additional amount to the Sum Insured of your policy. This additional amount is equivalent to the last claim amount under the policy, but it's subject to a maximum of the basic Sum Insured. One can claim for same illness multiple times in the policy year,however,claim related to Chemotherapy and Dialysis will be paid only once in the lifetime of the policy.Also,balance rebound sum insured will not be carried forward to the next policy year.
Is Pre-Policy Check up (PPC) cost borne by the customer?
No,you need not pay for pre-policy medical tests in case it is taken up at our network Diagnostic Centers.It is cashless. However, if your policy is rejected due to adverse medical findings, 50% of the pre-policy check-up cost will be deducted from the premium refund amount.
Is Out-patient Consultation (OPD) covered under my:health Suraksha?
No,OPD is not covered under my:health Suraksha.
Can younger spouse be a proposer under my:health Suraksha?
Yes, a younger spouse can indeed be the proposer under my:health Suraksha. However, it's important to note that the premium calculation is based on the age of the eldest family member proposed.
Is Organ cost covered in case of organ transplantation?
In the case of organ transplantation, certain expenses related to the donor are covered, such as screening, organ harvesting, and donor hospitalization expenses. However, the cost of the organ itself is typically not covered by the insurance policy.
The pre-policy medical checkup requirements can vary based on factors like age and the sum insured opted for. Typically, it includes:
In the case of organ transplantation, certain expenses related to the donor are covered, such as screening, organ harvesting, and donor hospitalization expenses. However, the cost of the organ itself is typically not covered by the insurance policy.
1. Medical examination report by the physician
2. Blood and Urine test
3. ECG (Electrocardiogram)
Additional tests such as TMT (Treadmill Test), 2D Echo (Echocardiogram), Sonography, and others may also be included in the pre-policy medical checkup depending on factors like the sum insured and the age of the customer.
₹ 784/month*
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HDFC ERGO Optima Restore Plan
24 hrs Claim Settlement
Download Brochure
No room rent capping, no disease sub limits
Restore Benefit: 100% restoration of Base Sum Insured for claims arising during a policy year
Multiplier Benefit: Additional, 100% increase in coverage post completion of 2 claim free years
Stay Active: Walk towards a healthy life and get up to 8% discount at renewals
Pre and Post Hospitalisation: Covers medical expenses incurred 60 days prior and 180 days post hospitalisation
Lifelong renewal:Always stay secured with our lifelong coverage. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your health insurance coverage stays with you for life.
No Room Rent Limits:Stay Stress-Free in the Hospital. Your room charges will be covered by us, ensuring you receive the treatment you deserve without any concerns about accommodation expenses.
Cashleass Transactions: Convenient Healthcare Nationwide. Access over 13,000 cashless healthcare providers across India, making it easy for you to get the care you need wherever you are in the country.
No Geography-Based Limits: Get Top Treatment Anywhere. Wherever you are, our policy ensures you receive the best care in any city or hospital without extra costs or restrictions. No Premium Increase on Claims: Your Security is Our Priority. If you claim or fall sick after taking our policy, we will not load your renewal premium.
Fast Pre-Authorization: Leave Stress Behind. Our quick turnaround time means you can forget about the hassle of waiting for pre-authorization. Get the care you need without delay.
Certified associates: Our certified associates, including field partners and sales executives, are available 24/7 to provide you with the support you need.
Tax benefits: Our certified associates, including field partners and sales executives, are available 24/7 to provide you with the support you need.
Post-hospitalization coverage: 180 days
Migration & Portability: Flexibility at Renewal. You have the option to migrate or port your policy during renewal, following IRDAI guidelines. For any questions or assistance regarding migration or portability, feel free to contact us.
What are the eligibility criteria for the plan?
Coverage starts from 91 days onwards with a maximum entry age of 65 years.
A dependent child can be covered from the 91st day if either parent is covered under the policy.
Eligible family members include spouse, dependent children, dependent parents, and parents-in-law, who can be covered on an individual sum insured basis.
A maximum of 6 members can be added in a single policy, with a maximum of 4 adults and 5 children in an individual policy.
Premiums may change at renewal due to age or changes in applicable tax rates.
In a family floater policy, a maximum of 2 adults and 5 children can be included. The adults can be a combination of self, spouse, father, mother, father-in-law, or mother-in-law.
What are the waiting periods in the policy?
Initial 30 Days: All treatments within the first 30 days of cover are excluded, except for accidental injuries.
Pre-existing Conditions: Any pre-existing condition will be covered after a waiting period of 3 years.
Specific Waiting Periods: A waiting period of 24 months from the first policy commencement date will be applicable to the medical and surgical treatment of illnesses, diagnoses, or surgical procedures listed below. This waiting period will not apply if the underlying cause is cancer. Procedures as follows:
1. Organ/System: Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT): Illness/Diagnoses: Sinusitis, Rhinitis, Tonsillitis, Surgeries/Procedures: Adenoidectomy, Mastoidectomy, Tonsillectomy, Tympanoplasty, Surgery for Nasal septum deviation, Surgery for Turbinate hypertrophy, Nasal concha resection, Nasal polypectomy
2. Organ/System: Gynaecological. Illness/Diagnoses:Cysts, polyps including breast lumps, Polycystic ovarian diseases, Fibromyoma, Adenomyosis, Endometriosis, Prolapsed Uterus Surgeries/Procedures: Hysterectomy
3. Organ/System: Orthopaedic: Illness/Diagnoses: Non-infective arthritis, Gout and Rheumatism, Osteoporosis, Ligament, Tendon and Meniscal tear, Prolapsed intervertebral disk Surgeries/Procedures: Joint replacement surgeries
4. Organ/System: Gastrointestinal Illness/Diagnoses: Cholelithiasis, Cholecystitis, Pancreatitis, Fissure/fistula in anus, Haemorrhoids, Pilonidal sinus, Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disorder (GERD), Ulcer and erosion of stomach and duodenum, Cirrhosis (excluding Alcoholic cirrhosis), Perineal and Perianal Abscess, Rectal Prolapse Surgeries/Procedures: Cholecystectomy, Surgery of hernia
5. Organ/System: Urogenital Illness/Diagnoses:Calculus diseases of Urogenital system including Kidney, ureter, bladder stones, Benign Hyperplasia of prostate, Varicocele Surgeries/Procedures: Surgery on prostate, Surgery for Hydrocele/ Rectocele
6. Organ/System: Eye Illness/Diagnoses:Cataract, Retinal detachment, Glaucoma Surgeries/Procedures:Nil
7. Organ/System: Others Illness/Diagnoses:Benign tumors of Non-infectious etiology e.g. cysts, nodules, polyps, lump, growth, etc Surgeries/Procedures:Nil Additionally, surgery of varicose veins and varicose ulcers falls under the general waiting period, which is nil.
What is restore benefit?
Here's a summary of the key points regarding the sum insured enhancements and benefits:.
Inform Home Healthcare Service Provider: We will then inform our Home Healthcare service provider about your case. They will arrange to meet the treating medical practitioner to assess the situation.
When your existing policy sum insured and multiplier benefit (if applicable) are fully or partially utilized during the policy year, we will instantly add 100% of the basic sum insured to your coverage.
The total amount available for all insured persons includes the basic sum insured, multiplier benefit, and restore sum insured.
This enhanced sum insured is available for all claims under the in-patient benefit during the current policy year.
However, a single claim in a policy year cannot exceed the sum of the basic sum insured and the multiplier benefit (if applicable).

Conditions for Restore benefit:
a. The sum insured will be restored only once in a policy year.
b. If the restored sum insured is not utilized in a policy year, it will expire.
In case of a family floater policy, restore sum insured will be available on floater basis for all insured persons in the policy
If the first claim itself is over and above the basic sum insured + multiplier benefit, then in that case will the restore sum insured triggered can be utilized for that same claim or only for the next future claims.
Restore will be triggered after the 1st claim, irrespective of the 1st claim amount and can be used for future claims.
What is the minimum and maximum entry age in Optima Restore product?
No,you need not pay for pre-policy medical tests in case it is taken up at our network Diagnostic Centers.It is cashless. However, if your policy is rejected due to adverse medical findings, 50% of the pre-policy check-up cost will be deducted from the premium refund amount.
₹ 960/month*
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